We combine traditional agriculture with new planting methodes.

Therefor we are working in coordination with the university of Lomé and german institutes of agriculture.


Agriculture is an important element for PROJECT TOGO

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Moringa or the miracle tree  growth up to 50cm in one month.

New, efficient farming methods in the field of organic farming will be taught to local farmers in courses and workshops. 

We carry out agriculture in Togo mainly on a subsistence farming basis. Scarcely any or little fertilizer and crop protection are used in subsistence farming. Tis kind of farming is aimed at providing oneself with the essentials for life: the overriding goal is securing provision for the family. 

However, this means that agriculture suffers from some fundamental problems:

Establishment of new methodes

Our first own grown mooring seeds.

We want to experiment with different methods of sustainable agriculture in Togo over an area of approximately 500 hectares as part of PROJECT TOGO. We want to surround the entire project area with corridors in which we can carry out agroforestry.

In close cooperation with Togolese and international educational institutions we will try out completely new approaches in addition to already established sustainable farming methods such as, for example, terra preta, the planting of legumes or even drip irrigation. 

Education on the project owned samplefarm 

Not many farmers can use such working tool. Most oft them just have there muscles and pick.

Another aim of the project is to involve the local population from the very start. In that way the farmers in the project region will be helped to learn about the theoretical principles of sustainable cultivation in a training facility on the project location. Tey will be able to practice and apply these principles in feld workshops. Te long-term goal is to provide the local people with a focal point for questions and problems. Everyone who has participated in training in the training centre is able to use the monitoring - and performance management - programmes. We want to accompany the people in their daily work and support them with knowledge as part of the programme. 

Trainings and workshops

In addition to conducting training and workshops on improving yields in agriculture in our laboratory and analysis centre in Pelé, we will also carry out soil analysis in order to be able to give farmers optimal advice on cultivation.

A team will deal also with the question of which methods we can use to make exact predictions of the water quantity and water depth for constructing wells in the future. 

Regular controls on the fields let us see wrong development early.

Support desired

PROJECT TOGO works together with Universities and institutes of various disciplines.