Within the Certification all documents are proven on-site. 

The Gold Standard likes to have a continuous project performance – therefor the project examination is repeated at least every 5 years. 

Certificate from PROJECT TOGO –
Gold Standard Project ID: GS3951


Transition Gold Standard

Certification Reports Project Togo

Projekt Design Documentation (PDD)

Certification Report Project Togo Gold Standard

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Every compensation certificate is equal to one tonne CO2, which is binded by afforestation and the growth of trees.

To make sure, that every product which is climate neutral by certificates from PROJECT TOGO, some criterias have to be fullfilled:


On the new project area more than 1000 people will have a job.

All processes are proven constantly. Every 3-5 years will be a forest inventory about the real growth of trees and what happend on the project area.

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